Looking After the Company

Our managing director, Gerhard Botha, is a master problem solver with the God given talent of entrepreneurship which proved invaluable to the growth and maintenance of the Impala Group of Companies. Apart from leading from the front in his own company and inspiring employees to be the best they can be, he is also a mentor to other businessmen in the industry.

Impala Group of Companies is essentially a family-run business, with management’s focus ranging from the financial management to core task management of their staff. The group is managed by Gerhard and together with highly qualified management, they make sure that the wheels of the cog turn smoothly every day.

The group has approximately 150 employees. Most of them have been working for the company for more than 15 years. Every employee feels like family and forms part of a much bigger picture. We believe in honest, high quality workmanship by which all parties can benefit and this is evident when considering the low turnaround time of employee work tasks.

Our dedicated management team are always willing to put company needs up front and will go the extra mile in making sure that our people as well as our clients reap the benefits. The continuous growth in the whole group also speaks to a dedicated top management making sound business decisions.

Gerhard Botha

Service and Excellence

Our clients are our livelihood. Without a strong client base and excellence in the way we service them, there would be no company. Our industry is extremely sensitive towards service delivery, and the fact that we have grown our business constantly over the past 25 years is a clear indication of client satisfaction.

New clients become friends, and these friends later become like family to us.